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Dear conflicted land

Dear conflicted land,

You are so small that one can drive through you listening to just one radio station. You have not been the homiest of homes to me, but here I am, having left you after 9 months, and listening to Galgalatz FM through the internet, hoping to still feel connected to you through the sound of familiar commercials.


As you are reading this, I am away from internet, Israel, Greece, and most everyone I love. Before leaving for my next journey, I penned a letter to the land I called home for the past year. If you wish to read the rest of it in my column at Gypsy Girls Guide, click here.


  1. MartinBoober says

    Lovely post, Roxanne! I got your email — sorry to hear about your sunburn. Make sure you spend some time indoors in the next few days. We miss you over here!

  2. Beautiful and, as I wrote over at GGG, deeply familiar. Sending you love. And carrying you in my heart.

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