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From Libya to Midnight in Paris and Bon Iver to Hillary

I have loved Alan Taylor’s work from the Boston Globe’s “Big Picture” to the Atlantic’s “In Focus.” In this striking photoessay, he chronicles the first six months of the conflict in Libya. Images #7 and #17 are blowing my mind.


On the subject of Libya, Erica Chenoweth asks “Did the Libyan uprising have to be violent?” I heard her speak at Fletcher Summer Institute for the Advanced Study of NonViolent Conflict and she truly inspired me with her research on conflict and non-violence. She recently wrote a Foreign Policy article dispelling myths on nonviolence and a follow-up about the relationship between pacifism, conflict and nonviolence.
Partners in Help: Paul Farmer discusses the concept of accompaniment in development. One of the best development reads of the year.
PolicyMic is hosting a Women in Journalism series. Sara Jerving reported on peace-building and corruption from Kenya and I discussed the challenges of sharing women’s stories without falling into the same stereotypes we seek to combat. I am very grateful for the discussion and am looking forward to reading Anna‘s article tomorrow in the same space.
“For every story of tragedy there are 10 stories of courage and inspiration.” – Hillary Clinton, on how she does not get overwhelmed by suffering. Excellent insights on women in politics in the same interview.
Join the Girl Effect Blogging Campaign. I know I will.
The Deep Old Desk is one of my favorite spaces on the internet. Kim painted love on her walls (yes, literally — and be sure to click on the song that accompanies the post), and Heather had this to say:

“Scott always asks why I deliberately drown myself in heartbreaking movies, songs and literature and I always turn to the same answer: because a good heart-bleeding must be shared so that we are reminded just how similiar we all are.”

A beautiful take on empathy.

A quote from Midnight in Paris, my favorite film in a while: “All men fear death. It’s a natural fear that consumes us all because we feel that we haven’t loved well enough or loved at all, which ultimately are one and the same.” And this as well: “Hmph, you’ll never write well if you fear dying… do you?”
Recently read: She walks in beautyA woman’s journey through poems by Caroline KennedyBeautiful, from cover to cover. Some of my favorite words from it, by Antonio Machado in “Poem 41”:
Don’t try to rush things:
For the cup to run over, 
It must first be filled.
Holding dear- “Late Fragment”, by Raymond Carver:
 Did you get what you wanted 
from this life, even so?
I did.
And what did you want?
To call myself beloved, to feel myself
beloved on this earth. 
Now reading: Freedom by Jonathan Franzen (I know, I know, I’m late to the party) and Ordinary Sparkling Moments by Christine Mason Miller, the latter of which was waiting for me on the kitchen counter when I flew home to Greece. Christine Mason Miller creates beauty wherever she goes and shares the beauty of Hafiz too.
Now listening – and viewing. Viewing this (Icelandic) beauty is mandatory:

What made you think, laugh or love this week? Have a magical weekend!

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