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Gender is a lens, not a conclusion

People ask why I return to conflict and post-conflict zones to work on project after project. The truth is that I feel like I am bound to the people there by the power of stories. Stories of resilience and perseverance, of courage and optimism in the face of adversity, inspire me to the core. As a gender-related development specialist, writer, and photographer, I have been called to document these stories in the Middle East, Latin America, East Africa and the Balkans. Whether in Cuba or Colombia, Egypt or Israel, Uganda or Jordan, I have consistently asked myself the same question about gender and storytelling: How do we share stories of women without falling into the same gender stereotypes we seek to combat?


PolicyMic is hosting me this Friday as part of their Women in Journalism series. You can read the rest of my thoughts and chime in on gender, storytelling and conflict here. Have a wonderful weekend!

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