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How do you record your memories?

Some people scrapbook; others journal. Or they make playlists. Yet others create digital photo albums.

I am irreparably attached to notebooks. Unlined, ivory pages, stitched together. A colorful cover. Inside, you will find everything from travel reflections and lists of favorite songs to quotes that leaped off the page and grabbed my attention while reading.

Today, in my column at Gypsy Girls Guide, I am letting my notebooks tell their story. Please stop by, turn the pages, and share your own favorite way of recording your journeys.


  1. It’s funny…recently, there was a post about pretty notebooks hampering writing. I find that is true for me. I’m that way about a lot of things. I love pretty notebooks, but actual writing gets done in spiral bound school notebooks. I hate to spoil the pretty ones. I’m that way about candles, too. I’m not sure why I don’t burn them. It’s not like I can’t buy more!

    I am working to get over this little hang-up of mine. I’ve decided that I need to start putting these special, yet everyday items to use.

    Your post has inspired me to move a little bit further down this path.

    It’s only since I joined reverb that I really started recording things. I’ve never been one to keep a diary or to take a lot of pictures. Suddenly, I find that something is missing from my day if I don’t get some writing done. My husband writes every day…he has for every day of the 19 years that we’ve been together. His “memory” is much more effective than mine has been, and I’m finally realizing that writing things down is not a bad thing.

    Good conversation starter, my friend!

  2. Clare, I, too, love the unlined pages. Slightly cream-colored (or is it vanilla? ivory?), unlined pages and a hard cover. They travel everywhere with me.

    S, I am glad the notebooks were a way for you to travel too. There are certainly times when I am on the road and do not write — I prefer to soak it all in and write about it later. There are other times when I want to jot down as much as possible at the end of every day so that nothing slips through the cracks. There is little balance or rhyme or reason to it and that is part of the fun.

    Noel, you are exactly right. That is something I had to learn: none of my recording, writer or photography can replace my memory — it can merely capture and supplement some of it.

  3. So pretty! I keep some photos, but I also find that the best memories I like to keep in my mind’s eye, so I can remember them exactly the way they smelled and tasted and felt in that moment.

  4. I love the photograph. I am drawn to notebooks, very much like yourself. However, I am a little lax when it comes to recording memories. I always have the best intentions to write when I travel, but I get caught up and don’t take the time needed to do it. When I have done it, I have gone back years later and read my experiences – things long forgotten. Thanks for reminding my how important this is.

  5. Hello fellow note book lover.

    My, I like your swirly ones!

    I like my unlined. I found some leather bound ones in Florence, which have been my all time favourite.

    Unlined or lined for you?

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