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The value of a gender analysis

How I spent International Women’s Day 2010: Facilitating a workshop in Colombia on women and leadership

There is a passage by Cynthia Enloe, in her foreword to Carol Cohn’s excellent compilation Women & Wars, that summarizes much of the type of inquiry and conviction that motivates my work. Enloe writes:

“That is, gender analysis is a skill. It’s not a passing fancy. It’s not a way to be polite. And it’s not something one picks up casually, on the run. One doesn’t acquire the capacity to do useful gender analysis simply because one is “modern”, “loves women”, “believes in equality”, or “has daughters.” One has to learn how to do it, practice doing it, be candidly reflective about one’s shortcomings, try again.”


On PolicyMic today, I explore some of the questions that hit closest to home for me: What is a gender analysis? What is its value? And where do we begin? Wander over here for – some, only some – of the answers.

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